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Tech Throwback: Treo 600
like to take a look at where I’ve been to evaluate where Im going. Technology is cyclical after all… wait no its not. That said I still like all the feels that come rushing back like a flood of nostalgia every time I get my hand on the tech... Read more
Which Mobility Scooter is Right for You?
So your mobility isn’t what it used to be… no problem! Today, some insurance companies will actually help with coverage on a mobility scooter, or even pay for the whole thing. Check it out for yourself! Either way, it may be worth checking them out and seeing if it... Read more
Infinite Battery? The Matrix Powerwatch X
Wearable technology is at a bit of a crossroads. Most people who are interested in the tech have pretty much seen everything the field has to offer. However, technology is a notoriously ever-moving industry. Tech companies are not content to see customers hanging on to gadgets they bought four,... Read more
Ten Superheroes Who Need Their Own Movies
Superhero films are red-hot at the moment. You can’t turn around without bumping into a superhero movie. If you feel as though there still aren’t enough big names out there in the superhero cinematic sphere, however, you’ll love this list. Today, we’re taking a look at the ten superheroes... Read more