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Grilling Up Smart Home Security Discounts
Smart homes add convenience to your everyday life, but security systems are the most popular feature when homeowners want to feel safe in their own home. Amazon is slashing hundreds off prices and to sweeten the deal, they’re also including a free third-generation Echo Dot smart speaker in addition... Read more
Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which Smart Home Hub is the Best?
If you’re considering jumping into the world of smart home devices, then your first big decision is which hub you want to go with. While Apple offers a hub through their HomePod, the Siri-powered device is much more expensive and limited in features than Amazon and Google’s offerings, respectively.... Read more
Which Streaming Device is Right for You?
TV has changed in the last ten years. At one point in time, it was either cable or nothing. Now, with the popularity of Netflix, Hulu and internet TV at an all-time high, cable is the exception rather than the rule. If you’ve been looking to cut the cord... Read more
Best Smart Speakers in 2019
While smart speakers were once seen as an unusual curio that your rich friends might have in their kitchen, they’ve become much more commonplace recently. The helpful and friendly voice that issues forth from the speaker is only part of the draw of these devices: they offer a wide... Read more
Alexa Will Keep Your Home Safe with Alexa Home Guard
Amazon’s Alexa is getting some new functionality for users in the US. The new functionality, Alexa Home Guard, will take steps to keep your home safer from burglars and home invasions. While Amazon has clarified that this new service will be no replacement for a home security service, it... Read more
Amazon Alexa to Have Full Spanish-Language Integration in 2019
Spanish-speaking Amazon Echo users have reason to be excited: Amazon has announced that their Alexa voice assistant will support Spanish-language commands before the end of 2019. This news coincides with reports that app developers who have Alexa-enabled features on their apps can request developer kits to develop Spanish-language skills.... Read more
Should You Get an Amazon Alexa?
Amazon’s ever-popular Alexa is something of a phenomenon. It seems like so many people have Alexa-enabled devices now, so it’s time to ask the question. Should you get an Amazon Alexa? Today we’re going to look at what Alexa does and whether it would be right for you. Amazon... Read more
Alexa Recordings Being Monitored by Amazon Employees
Everyone’s worst fears about Amazon Echo were confirmed this week when Amazon admitted that its employees review audio the devices record. When Amazon introduced the smart speakers, concerns over security dubbed it a “self-imposed listening device”. Now, it turns out, the jokes were spot-on. However, is the recording egregious,... Read more
Jeff Bezos Wife to Get 4% of Amazon in Divorce
MacKenzie Bezos, wife of Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, has announced that her divorce from the billionaire is complete. In the agreement, she’ll be getting a 4% stake in Amazon’s stock. That staggering number makes her one of the richest people on the planet, bringing her net worth to around... Read more
Amazon Cancels its Planned New York Headquarters
Amazon has announced that it is canceling the construction of a New York headquarters. The project was slated to be an “HQ2” and involved a $3 billion incentive package from New York City. Protestors decried the incentive package and largely resisted the idea of Amazon further straining New York’s... Read more