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Verizon’s Unlimited Internet Scam Breakdown
Due to some massive fraud and outright lies to their customers, Verizon has to update their unlimited plans. They have some how managed to sell consumers 4G LTE service at the most expensive price rates in the industry while limiting them to dial- up internet speeds. For those of... Read more
Microsoft’s Andromeda Can Fold Our Lives
Microsoft’s dual-screen Andromeda computing device, which is understood to launch and explode the pocketable PC has been gather rumors for months like a snow ball. While not much is solid we know this will collaborate the mobile space with the laptop PC power.  Now, according to recently leaked internal... Read more
Got an Amazon Fire Tablet? It’s an Echo Show Now
That’s right, with an upcoming software update, your Amazon Fire Tablet becomes an Echo Show. The update, called “Show Mode,” is Amazon’s newest effort to make Alexa an everyday name. If you already have a case with a stand, you can simply set your tablet up in it, swipe... Read more
Popular Scam Targets Uber Drivers
A highlight of the current gig economy is the isolation contractors feel when working for companies like Uber. Since the company is so compartmentalized, drivers often feel alienated and alone on the road. Scammers have picked up on this, and a robust, complex scam has been targeting newer Uber drivers for... Read more
If you’re looking to browse undetected, or speed up your internet connection, a VPN might be a good choice.   However, you’re probably a bit wary of paying for something that you don’t exactly understand fully. If you’re interested in trying out a VPN, but don’t want to spend... Read more
Our Favorite Grills to Heat Up your Next Cookout!
It’s that time of year: grilling season! Invite over some friends, grab some beers and get ready for an awesome cookout! What cookout would be complete without the star: the grill! To help you find the best one for your summer fun, we’ve got a list of our favorite... Read more
Top Ten Outdoor Gadgets to Make your Independence Day Cookout Awesome
The 4th of July is almost here, and if you’re like us, you’re excited to have everyone over for a cook-out! The best way to make a great impression on your guests? Awesome outdoor gadgets! Independence Day just comes around once a year, so make sure you cook-out in style!  ... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumor Roundup
Many consider Samsung the frontrunner when it comes to Android phones. And really, that’s an apt assessment: Samsung’s no joke! The next phablet-sized phone from Samsung, the Note 9, is set to be released on August 9th, which is must sooner than anticipated. It seems Samsung’s looking to beat... Read more
Sonos Beam, The Answer to the SoundBar Problem
The Sonos playbase sound bar had its problems. It was large, unsightly and looked like it belonged in the low rent apartment of a Best Buy employee. Sonos is now fixing this with the Sonos Beam. The latest in the Sonos family of speaker includes Alexa — and promises... Read more
Google’s Duplex AI Now Open to Beta Testing
The eerily human-sounding Duplex AI is now in its beta testing phase. The technology sparked a ton of interest when it was introduced at Google’s I/O 2018 conference. On the one hand, this kind of human-sounding virtual assistant was surely the next step for the technology.   However, concerns were... Read more