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They Left the House, Now What?
It’s been a long 36 years since you first got that pregnancy test results back in the early 80s. You watched your child grow and blossom, TCBY’s come and go, grunge music, and then they finally turned 18 and graduated high school. That was gonna be it, time to... Read more
Best News Apps to Manage your Prescription Schedule
No one loves having to keep up with a complicated schedule of taking prescriptions on time. After all, you’re a busy person with a lot going on. It’s hard to remember when to take what! However, your health relies on you taking your medicines on time. If you’re having... Read more
Great Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree
Just because you didn’t go to college doesn’t mean you can’t find a great job in an exciting career field. In fact, there are a number of great career opportunities that people without degrees can pursue. If your biggest concern is landing a great job that will pay you... Read more
Does Your Dog Have Heartworms?
Many dog owners fear the possibility that their dog could have heartworms. Heartworms are a dangerous parasite that can be transferred to dogs via mosquito bites. The worms enter the dog’s bloodstream through the mosquito’s bite as microscopic eggs that grow into large worms that live in the heart... Read more
What is the Best Way to Save Money On Baby Formula?
It’s a glorious time in your life. The dream you have had as long as you have been a conscious human being it about to be realized. Waiting for your whole life to do something meaningful and the time is now. You are going to be a parent. Maybe... Read more
These Window Treatments Help Keep Your Home at the Perfect Temperature
Everyone is struggling with energy cost and keeping their home at the ideal temperature. We have upgraded the AC, got thermo smart-filters, and added a Nest thermostat, but what else needs to be done?  The next step is to reduce the energy loss through the windows. The Department of... Read more
Combat Menstrual Pain without Medication
Menstrual pain can be downright awful for some people. Studies have found that more than ninety percent of women suffer from menstrual pain, and of them, around forty percent describe their menstrual pain as being detrimental to their daily activities. These pains can surface as cramps that make it... Read more
Coolest Tech Takeaways from CES 2019
2019 is only just getting started yet we already have a roadmap for what kinds of tech we’re going to be seeing this year. The biggest takeaways from CES 2019, held in Las Vegas this year, are that technology is still changing in new and exciting ways. If you’re... Read more
Top Food for Natural Teeth Whitening
There is no truer statement than the fact that the absolute first thing people usually notice about you, is your smile. They base their lasting first impression from your teeth in your smile. The obvious conclusion is the more attractive your smile, the more likely it is that you’ll be... Read more
New to Dating Apps? Here Are Some Tips to get You Started
Online dating has been around for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is a master at it. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to this stuff! Learning how to make the most of your profile and maximize your matches is hard.... Read more